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Job Descriptions
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  The Department of Hakka Affairs is headed by the Director-General, Deputy Director-General, the Chief Secretary, and the Senior Executive Officer. It comprises the following divisions: Planning Section, Culture and Education Development Section, Operation Management Section, Industrial Facilities Section, Administration Office, Personnel Office, Accounting Office, and Civil Service Ethics Office.
Planning Section
  1.Planning policies, institutions, and regulations regarding Hakka affairs;
2.Establishing administrative documentation, and managing academic research development and policy execution projects;
3.Conducting, collecting, and publishing surveys on Hakka affairs;
4.Reinvigorating Hakka social groups, facilitating Hakka cooperation and exchanges domestically and internationally, and maintaining Hakka regional meetings and exchange platforms;
5.Integrating major Hakka-related policy marketing projects.

Phone: 03-409-6682 ext. 1013
Fax: 03-489-8355
Culture and Education Development Section
  1.Planning and executing policies regarding Hakka language and culture;
2.Composing and editing tutorials on Hakka culture;
3.Promoting the Hakka language and developing talents that specialize in the language;
4.Facilitating research on the heritage of traditional Hakka customs, techniques, and craftsmanship;
5.Engaging in the promotion and execution of Hakka cultural events.

Phone: 03-409-6692 ext. 2011
Fax: 03-489-6760
Operation Management Section
  1.Planning the development policies of Hakka facilities;
2.Managing the rental of venues, and regulating guided tours and volunteer recruitment;
3.Managing archives, promoting displays and exhibitions, and facilitating cross-organization cooperation and exchanges.

Phone: 03-409-6682 ext. 5007
Fax: 03-489-6778
Industrial Facilities Section
  1.Devising policies regarding Hakka-related industries, collecting information, and executing these plans;
2.Training and preparing human resources in specialty Hakka industries;
3.Conducting surveys on Hakka living environments, and the research, repair, maintenance, and construction thereof.
4.Promoting the use, development, and reuse of traditional spaces, as well as conducting repair and maintenance of housing and facilities.

Phone: 03-409-6682 ext. 6002
Fax: 03-489-3537
Administration Office
  Documenting, managing profiles, cashier duties, procurement, general affairs, assets and information management, legislation, public relations, execution of public affairs, research and evaluation, cross-organizational liaising, collecting information and surveying public opinions, and miscellaneous matters not covered by other Sections.

Phone: 03-409-6682 ext. 3010
Fax: 03-479-3537
Accounting Office
  Managing expenditures, accounting, and statistics.

Phone: 03-409-6682 ext. 8031
Fax: 03-470-5478
Personnel Office
  All matters regarding personnel management.

Phone: 03-409-6682 ext. 8021
Fax: 03-470-5478
Civil Service Ethics Office
  Matters pertaining to ethics and compliance with the civil service code of conduct.
Phone: 03-409-6682 ext. 8050
Fax: 03-479-3537