1895 War Memorial Park

Opened in November 2021, the 1895 War Memorial Park evokes the general public’s memories of the Japanese Invasion of Taiwan and conveys the Hakka spirit of righteousness through its landscape planning. The Ring of Yiwei Memorial Exhibition Hall is by the semicircular building on the left side of the park, which displays the history and historic documents of the wars in digital form. It includes the Sino-Japanese War of 1894, the Japanese Invasion of Taiwan, and the four major battles in Taoyuan (Dananwei, Anping, Longtanpi, and Dakekan Battles). Other features include the Battlefield Image Area, the Yimin Memorial Wall, and the Blessing Interaction Area. Viewers can interactively learn more about historical memories through the exhibition, while also experiencing the Hakka people’s courage in defending their hometown.